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AH Presents: Big Sexy Music at Sidewalk Cafe. On October 1st, Big Sexy Music showcased some new sweet and vicious tunes at the Sidewalk Cafe, New York City, from the forthcoming album “In Your Garden”.

Photo @Alan Rand

The night was crystal clear and perfectly sexy as we had the honor of serenading a room full of sexy international individuals. Out of the studio into the evening we took the audience through a range of sexy emotions from the light of the garden down to the deep soul of the earth. In short it was real…real SEXY.

Photo @Adam Brown

EmZ sang with soulful fire burning in the veins, burning down the house. Zandrina Charles aka “Little Sexy” with her soul sister harmonies and her ¬†powerful sweet Karen Carpenter voice is always complimentary – together it’s like leather and lace! Eugene Mohammad is right on point with driving catchy drums locking it down with Jonathan Hanley who always puts the BIG in Big Sexy Music. Al Craig’s tore his guitar to shreds like never before and special guest Johnny Young¬†was ridiculously profound on the keys ripping his first show with the band to shreds. What a musician!! And “Raven” Seaton Hancok is just a monster virtuoso super man on sax!! Getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute…

Photo @Adam Brown

Thank you to Alan Rand, Adam Brown and Joe Bottari for the photos!