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EMZ Big Sexy Music_Sidewalk Cafe

Photos by Johan Viper

8.13.15_Big Sexy Music_Silvana

Saturday June 20th, 2015 Big Sexy Music is honored to grace the stage with some seriously sexy bands in Morningside Park, Harlem! Please bring a blanket and get sexy with us! We can’t wait for the summer fun to begin.

EmZ_Big Sexy Music_Morningside Park

Join us for a picnic and great music outdoors in Beautiful Morningside Park.
Featuring Della Grove 2pm EMZ Big Sexy Music 3pm VFerg 4pm and Kwame Binea Shakedown 5pm

Morningside Park (enter at Morningside Ave & 113th Street)

Hot nights in Harlem just got a whole lot hotter! Big Sexy Music got seriously sexy at an explosive show at The Shrine on Saturday May 2nd, 2015. The dancing spirits were in the house! The entire night was fire kicking off with Caprice Starbrite and her band Kizmit = wailing rock funk soul, knocking it into overdrive from start to finish. Big Sexy kept it burning and got the crowd on their feet for some brooklyn kisses….

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Chante Ramsey1

Seatong “Raven Hancock on Sax, Al Craig on guitar, Carol Johnson and Z Charles and EmZ Big Sexy on vocals Photo by Chante Ramsey

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Katrina Libertelli

5.2.15 Big Sexy Music @ The Shrine. Photo by Katrina Libertelli

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Katrina Libertelli_8

5.2.15 Big Sexy Music at The Shrine Photo by Katrina Libertelli

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Katrina Libertelli_6

5.2.15 Big Sexy Music at The Shrine Photo by Katrina Libertelli

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Katrina Libertelli_4

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music > The Shrine > Katrina Libertelli

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Chante Ramsey3

5.2.15 Big Sexy Music @ The Shrine. Photo by Chante Ramsey

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Emma Z

5.2.15_Big Sexy Music_Shrine_Lon Rozelle

5.2.15 Big Sexy Music @ The Shrine. Photo by Lon Rozelle







Thursday November 6th, EmZ Big Sexy Music shook the Parkside Lounge with a powerhouse of sexy for the Apfel/Krebs presents: The Rebel Factory single release party for the new song “Trigger Me”.

Performing for an inquisitively intrigued international audience, it was all lights, camera and action. Celebrating with our fellow musicians and NYC modern day rat pack, the crew was as sexy as it comes with amazing sets by Boxtopus, The Rebel Factory and Snake Monster.

It was a packed house and Big Sexy Music did not disappoint. With wailing saxophone and an all round cool vibe, the band shook the house to the floor and left them wanting more. Think old jazz clubs, smokey rooms and alley ways, evocative of ye-old time of yesteryear, a memory of another era, a dream, lights on the screen…add a little strip tease and… oh boy we’re getting bigger and sexier by the minute.

Photo by Adam Brown

Photo by Adam Brown


AH Presents: Big Sexy Music at Sidewalk Cafe. On October 1st, Big Sexy Music showcased some new sweet and vicious tunes at the Sidewalk Cafe, New York City, from the forthcoming album “In Your Garden”.

Photo @Alan Rand

The night was crystal clear and perfectly sexy as we had the honor of serenading a room full of sexy international individuals. Out of the studio into the evening we took the audience through a range of sexy emotions from the light of the garden down to the deep soul of the earth. In short it was real…real SEXY.

Photo @Adam Brown

EmZ sang with soulful fire burning in the veins, burning down the house. Zandrina Charles aka “Little Sexy” with her soul sister harmonies and her  powerful sweet Karen Carpenter voice is always complimentary – together it’s like leather and lace! Eugene Mohammad is right on point with driving catchy drums locking it down with Jonathan Hanley who always puts the BIG in Big Sexy Music. Al Craig’s tore his guitar to shreds like never before and special guest Johnny Young was ridiculously profound on the keys ripping his first show with the band to shreds. What a musician!! And “Raven” Seaton Hancok is just a monster virtuoso super man on sax!! Getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute…

Photo @Adam Brown

Thank you to Alan Rand, Adam Brown and Joe Bottari for the photos!

Harlem is the place to be and we are going to get sexy with some Big Sexy Music on Tuesday 12th of November 2013 at The Shrine.

The Shrine > 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard > New York, NY 10030 >(212) 690-7807

Big Sexy Music @ The Shrine > 11.12.13


November 12 @THE SHRINE

Yoshiki Miura Group – Jazz / Funk / Bossa Nova – 6-8pm

Ric Molina Group – Fusion – 8-9pm

EmZ from Australia – Singer Songwriter – 9 – 10pm

Nomadic Wax Collective – Live Hip Hop – 10pm-12am

DJ JP Biamby – 11pm – 3:45am

The Wandering Cellist, Kid Lucky and EmZ

We got funking Sexy at Funkadelic Studios in the hay day of the old performance space in the studio, before the big move to 211W 40th Street. Big Sexy Music graced the stage August 18th 2013 for a sweet and vicious stripped down lady night set,  joined by The Wandering Cellist, beatboxer / beatrhymer KidLucky and “little sexy” Z Charles.  And you know whenever there are Big Sexy musicians in the house something SEXY is going to happen! The best thing about performing (and rehearsing) at Funkadelic Studios is meeting so many talent individuals all under one roof . It’s just like being with family – but a seriously kick ass rock and roll family. And we always feel completely free get our sexy on!

EmZ, Z Charles and The Wandering Cellist

Big Sexy Music with Z Charles and The Wandering Cellist