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On October 25th EmZ Big Sexy Music took Harlem by storm at the New Amsterdam Music Association (NAMA)! The annual Halloween party was LIVE and all the ghosts in the building joined in, elevating the mood and getting the crowd into the holy spirit mode. The whole evening was packed with great music, good friends and some seriously sexy vibes.  Big Sexy Music kicked off the evening with a energetic set followed by amazing bands such as The Syndicate, The Signifyers, Caprice Starbrite and Kid Lucky. We love Harlem!

It was a hot night in Harlem on Sat July 5th as Big Sexy Music graced the stage at the New Amsterdam Music Association. With some new moves and some new grooves Big Sexy Music delivered the perfect mix of smooth blues meets pop rock, with a jazz vibe that only Harlem can keep alive. It’s what you call authentic. It’s a particular energy in the room that can only be described as electric.  We played some virginal sweet and vicious tunes that we are working on for the upcoming Big Sexy album “In your Garden” and its getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute.

The whole night was a family affair including amazing performances by The Syndicate, The Signifyers and Caprice Starbrite & Kizmit who blew the roof off the house. It it sure was rocking and Big Sexy closed the night off with some classics and a whole lot of sexy!

Big Sexy Music is on a whole new adventure. It’s a big sexy world out there and it’s sounding good. If you listen closely enough the beat just rises from the street and it’s a sweet and vicious treat.

EmZ Big Sexy Music

What a Big Sexy weekend full of sweet and vicious music! On Saturday night the ever expanding Big Sexy Crew got down at the New Amsterdam Music Association along with a host of fabulous musicians. The New Amsterdam Music Association is the oldest African American association in the United States and its current location on 107 West 130th Street certainly has a holy spirit in the room that you can’t deny. NAMA is always a blast and this weekend was no exception. Good music, good people and no pretense!

EmZ kicked off the show in a Big Sexy way!

Getting down with the Holy Spirit

Big Sexy and the Boys in the Band

On Sunday 23rd June, Big Sexy Music also played The Delancey for “Pride-APalooza 2013″, the opening of Pride week in New York City. The show was so much fun and we got big and sexy in the only way we know how!

The Big Sexy Crew


May 2013 has been a Big Sexy month for Big Sexy Music. With numerous shows all over New York it has been a great month playing out and writing new Sweet and Vicious songs with my recent collaborators Peter Rubin and Cole Kibel. Check out some of our recent footage and highlights….

May 12th 2013>Bitter End>

Big Sexy Music at the Bitter End

EmZ and the boys at The Bitter End

May 13th 2013>54 Below>Call Back Series

EmZ graced the stage at the legendary 54 Below to take part in the Call Back Series. check out the performance:

 May 19th 2013>The Branded Saloon>

EmZ Played a sweet solo set as part of “This is Not the Radio”.

EmZ at the Branded Saloon

May 25th>NAMA

One of the best places to play, the New Amsterdam Music Association in Harlem is truly for music lovers. The audience is mainly comprised of musicians and the vibe is one of deep respect. Get down with the holy spirit!

Getting down with the Holy Spirit at NAMA

Big Sexy and the Cherry Trio

Big Sexy Music has been moving and shaking through the month of February 2013 with an array of Big Sexy rehearsals with musicians all over Manhattan and beyond. New Sweet and Vicious collaborations are blossoming to bring you a lip-smackingly delicious combination of textures and treats…

Big Sexy Music

Cherry Trio> New Amsterdam Music Association February 10. 2013

Big Sexy Rehearsal - Funkadlic Studios February 11. 2013

Bam Bam @ Funkadelic Studios

Big Sexy Rehearsal with Peter Rubin

Big Sexy rehearsal with Peter Rubin - February 13. 2013

Peter Rubin working on a new song February 12. 2013

Peter Rubin working on a new song February 12. 2013

Big Sexy Music with Robert Aaron 206 Lounge. February 14. 2013

Big Sexy Music at 206 Lounge. February 14. 2013

Big Sexy Music, rehearsal with the Uke

Check out Big Sexy>>>206 Lounge

On Saturday 19th of January I had the great honor of being invited to sing some Big Sexy Music at the New Amsterdam Music Association’s 108th Birthday Celebration dinner and dance in Harlem, New York City. The oldest African American music association in the USA, NAMA has served as a place for many musicians to gather after performances to socialize and to practice and it was not uncommon for the likes of John Coltrane or Max Roach to rehearse on the ground floor of the brownstone. In a word this place is legendary!

NAMA Set list

The 108th NAMA Birthday Dinner and Dance was held in the spacious basement of Salem Cullen Hall with over 150 members and special guests in attendance. The night was full of great music spanning the spectrum of jazz through to rock and roll and funk, including some standard favorites that got the entire room boogieing on the dance floor. Musical groups Blu Skyyzz and Shades of Blue brought the house down with original music as well as the likes of standard favorites such as the ‘Electric Slide’ which motivated even the most stationary guests to get up and turn it out. I felt very honored to be on stage at such an important event, singing not only one of my Big Sexy tunes but backup vocals for several other songs too. Fun times indeed! Check out NAMA and become a member!

New Amsterdam Music Association Birthday celebration

getting down with the Electric Slide




EmZ at the New Amsterdam Music Association with the Big Sexy Orchestra

EmZ, Sir Stephen and the Big Sexy Orchestra rocked the New Amsterdam Musical Association’s stage last night getting down with the holy spirit Harlem style! BF Productions presented a rocking “Get Down” Halloween event including some real musical delights like the swinging jazz group “The Signifyers” and host of the evening “Blue Skyyzz” who sounded funkier and more powerful than ever! Some seriously good music!

Feeling the tropical storm approaching the East Coast, Big Sexy Music wanted to test – how low could the  barometer really go? Turns out Big Sexy can drop the barometer pretty low. The NEW Hip Hot JAZZ is only getting Bigger and Sexier with new member Peter Rubin, a bad ass guitar playing young man and of course our funky mama Courtnee RoZe on percussion always holding it down with the true funky sound! And Sir Stephen, the musical heartbeat of Big Sexy music, oversaw the whole Big Sexy thing!

When I asked 17 year old Peter Rubin to explain the evening to me, he stated “we had a blast”. We sure did! Everything fell into place.  The vibe was perfect, the evening delicious with a full moon behind a haze of cloud. The music was great, the people were generous and we had a mighty fine time doing our thing! Big Sexy got down as we always do – sexy style, sweet and vicious like a tropical jazz storm licking the vast oceans and beaches of the soul.

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra

Big Sexy Music

EmZ with the Big Sexy Orchestra

Courtnee RoZe and Peter Rubin playing some Big Sexy Music

Sir Stephen is the musical heartbeat of Big Sexy Music

EmZ at the New Amsterdam Music Association


Last night, Saturday September 22nd, once again I had the pleasure of singing some Big Sexy Music to a packed house at the New Amsterdam Musical Association. Located on 130th street in Harlem, this historic building certainly holds the vibrational energy of many generations of fine musicianship – it simply permeates through the walls. The event, dubbed the “Fall Classic”, was part of an ongoing series of musical evenings hosted by BF Productions and what a beautiful event it is!

EmZ & Sir Stephen at NAMA

EmZ & Sir Stephen at NAMA

EmZ getting down

EmZ getting down

With a stellar line up of music and people getting down and doing their thing including bands The Signifyers,  Deep Intent and Blue Skyyzz not to mention a host of other talented individuals, it was an honor to share some sweet and Vicious tunes with a very generous and welcoming crowd. It was hot up in Harlem and the entire evening felt like an underground speakeasy from the days of old. Big Sexy rocked the stage and had everybody singing along – it seemed that the holy ghost was close! The best part about the evening was the crowd participation on songs like the newly released “Memories” which you can hear on the link below:

Big Sexy

Rocking it with the Uke

Sweet and Vicious

On Saturday September 8th 2012 I had the pleasure of performing some Big Sexy Music for the second time at NAMA – The New Amsterdam Musical Association located in Harlem, NYC. The evening was one of musical sharing organized by Zadrina and her partner Mark Stewart with a talented group of musicians and solo artists doing their thing! Despite the tornado warnings I ventured out to Harlem to join in this beautiful night full of passion and spirt. I got to try out four of my new songs that I wrote in a frenzy during the past week and it was great!

EmZ playing at NAMA

The New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceived in 1900 as a union for black musicians who were denied admission into the white only local union, the New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceptualized by James Reese Europe in 1904 and has had its share of ups and downs. A dedicated core of Volunteer Members are now working to revitalize NAMA, the first official representative of black musicians in the world, where syncopation fused with ragtime to create swing dance music and set the stage for the music that came to be known as “JAZZ.”

EmZ singing the blues


The New Amsterdam Musical Society