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Big Sexy Music is back into the studio adding the most sweet and vicious touches to an already super sexy album. We began recording on the 20th December 2011 and over a year later we are still diligently adding the musical genius of our ever growing Big Sexy Orchestra to the mix. The album “EZ Does It” is getting bigger and sexier by the minute!

Getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute

Peter Rubin got into the mix on some Big Sexy Music playing some ultra funky guitar on three tracks in the studio on Saturday 17th of November. Peter is a very talented young man who was born inherently cool with an ability to make a guitar wail through lifetimes. His vibrant energy and ability to jam like a seasoned pro resulted in some truly sexy guitar lines to some already big sexy tunes.

Peter Rubin at JBS Recording

Peter Rubin about to shred it

Sexy Siren Marya Lawrence Hart ventured to JBS Recording on Monday 19th of November to grace us with her beautiful voice on some Big Sexy tunes. With the ability to scat like the jazz legends of yesteryear, Marya’s vocal ability to dance around a melody line is a luscious treat. Sometimes making up her own musical language, sometimes part trumpet, Marya’s vocal improvisation adds a super sexy touch to some already hip hot jazz. Just wait until you hear this Big Sexy Music!

Marya Lawrence Hart = Big Sexy Siren

Marya Lawrence Hart at JBS Recording

The debut Big Sexy album “EZ DOES IT” is COMING SOON!!

EmZ overseeing the magic

EmZ overseeing the magic