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Saturday June 20th, 2015 Big Sexy Music is honored to grace the stage with some seriously sexy bands in Morningside Park, Harlem! Please bring a blanket and get sexy with us! We can’t wait for the summer fun to begin.

EmZ_Big Sexy Music_Morningside Park

Join us for a picnic and great music outdoors in Beautiful Morningside Park.
Featuring Della Grove 2pm EMZ Big Sexy Music 3pm VFerg 4pm and Kwame Binea Shakedown 5pm

Morningside Park (enter at Morningside Ave & 113th Street)

On 12/15/14 Big Sexy Music had the honor of gracing one of New York’s best sounding stages – The revered Mercury Lounge. Opening for Wee Andy and the Midnight Sound, Big Sexy Music warmed up the room with some hard hitting sexiness, performing songs from the new album “In Your Garden”. What a great way to end the tremendously sexy year of performances!

Photo by JW Perkins

Photo by JW Perkins

Photo by Dawn Orlando

Photo by Dawn Orlando


November 16th 2014, EMZ Big Sexy Music took to the WNYC Greenspace to audition for the battle of the Boroughs showcase in 2015. It was a cold day but once Big Sexy Music took the stage it was HOT HOT HOT. The results for the competition are released in January, 2015 and we are hoping that Big Sexy Music will have the opportunity to grace the stage again to compete! Watch this space.

Raven on Sax, Al Craig on Guitar and Eugene Mohammad on Drums

EmZ on stage at the WNYC Greenspace

Big Sexy Music on stage at the WNYC Greenspace

AH Presents: Big Sexy Music at Sidewalk Cafe. On October 1st, Big Sexy Music showcased some new sweet and vicious tunes at the Sidewalk Cafe, New York City, from the forthcoming album “In Your Garden”.

Photo @Alan Rand

The night was crystal clear and perfectly sexy as we had the honor of serenading a room full of sexy international individuals. Out of the studio into the evening we took the audience through a range of sexy emotions from the light of the garden down to the deep soul of the earth. In short it was real…real SEXY.

Photo @Adam Brown

EmZ sang with soulful fire burning in the veins, burning down the house. Zandrina Charles aka “Little Sexy” with her soul sister harmonies and her  powerful sweet Karen Carpenter voice is always complimentary – together it’s like leather and lace! Eugene Mohammad is right on point with driving catchy drums locking it down with Jonathan Hanley who always puts the BIG in Big Sexy Music. Al Craig’s tore his guitar to shreds like never before and special guest Johnny Young was ridiculously profound on the keys ripping his first show with the band to shreds. What a musician!! And “Raven” Seaton Hancok is just a monster virtuoso super man on sax!! Getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute…

Photo @Adam Brown

Thank you to Alan Rand, Adam Brown and Joe Bottari for the photos!

It was a hot night in Harlem on Sat July 5th as Big Sexy Music graced the stage at the New Amsterdam Music Association. With some new moves and some new grooves Big Sexy Music delivered the perfect mix of smooth blues meets pop rock, with a jazz vibe that only Harlem can keep alive. It’s what you call authentic. It’s a particular energy in the room that can only be described as electric.  We played some virginal sweet and vicious tunes that we are working on for the upcoming Big Sexy album “In your Garden” and its getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute.

The whole night was a family affair including amazing performances by The Syndicate, The Signifyers and Caprice Starbrite & Kizmit who blew the roof off the house. It it sure was rocking and Big Sexy closed the night off with some classics and a whole lot of sexy!

Big Sexy Music is on a whole new adventure. It’s a big sexy world out there and it’s sounding good. If you listen closely enough the beat just rises from the street and it’s a sweet and vicious treat.

EmZ Big Sexy Music

November was a fervently fantastic and festive month for EmZ Big Sexy Music with a number of fabulous rehearsals at Funkadelic Studios and sexy shows covering the breadth of New York City. The Big Sexy Crew graced Manhattan stages from the Highline Ballroom on 16th street to The Shrine in hip Harlem and of course our favorite stompin ground the New Amsterdam Music Association. Big Sexy nights, lots of sweet and vicious music and a whole lot of soul…

Your Big Sexy host for the Night

Big Sexy Music @ Highline Ballroom

EmZ Big Sexy Music getting sexy at the Highline Ballroom

On November 5th EmZ was invited to host the CD release party for Witness a Downfall’s new CD “Lessons in the Making” at The Highline Ball Room. A beautiful venue with pristine sound, EmZ introduced a stellar line up of hard hitting musical acts including Big Sexy Music, Grand Electric, More than Fate, Burial Park, We Fall As Heroes and  Witness a Downfall. Check out the interview with all the bands from the night below:

On the 12th of November we went uptown to the The Shrine. Located in Harlem at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, The Shrine is a smashing venue for live world music of all descriptions. It was the first time the Big Sexy Crew had the pleasure of performing at this lively joint and boy did we rock it. We laid down the cool jazz vibe and we also got pretty rock and roll keeping the crowd hot on a chilly November Night. Many of the members from the New Amsterdam Music Association came out to support us which was beautiful.

The Shrine > Tuesday 12th November 2013

EmZ Big Sexy Music at The Shrine

EmZ Big Sexy Music at the Shrine Photo by Steph Walker

With a perfect ending to the month we celebrated birthday’s and the oncoming of winter at the New Amsterdam Music Association‘s “Ladies Night” on November 30th. In a celebration of the feminine the evening was dedicated to the ladies of NAMA and a talented line up of women who took the stage for improvised vocal jams and a good old fashioned soul sister shakedown. The president of NAMA Antionette Hamlin celebrate her birthday with a song and we were also fortunate to have Carol Johnson on stage, an original singer from The Marvelettes, who performed Mr.Postman. The highlight of the evening was when eight female vocalists took to the stage with mics in hand to do an acappella wail which brought down the house. A great night indeed!

New Amsterdam Music Association Ladies Night: From left to right >Carol Johnson, Steph Walker, Z Charles, Marya Lawrence Heart, Caprice Starbright, Antionette Hamlin and EmZ

Singing with the Ladies at NAMA



Fallen Angel Music Video Shoot

We spent a beautiful fall day shooting a Big Sexy Music video in lower Manhattan in October for the Big Sexy song “Fallen Angel” and it’s coming soon!! It was a completely sexy day and three part shoot with the visionary cinematographer Samantha Silver who began by harnessing a camera to the front of a Mercedes convertible while we drove around looking sexy in downtown New York. The second part of the day Samantha set up a darkened room so that images of New York could be projected onto EmZ and members of the Big Sexy crew dancing around and having a big sexy time. To finish of the 12 hour day we completed the final shot on a rooftop in Manhattan with some sexy friends and a makeshift set made perfect by the backdrop of the New York sky line. Its going to be an amazing video and we can’t wait to share it with you! Big thanks to the Big Sexy crew for making it happen and especially Samantha Silver for her expert work and keen eye.

Photography by Z Charles

Cinematographer Samantha Silver works her magic

With a mounted camera on the hood we roamed the Streets of NYC

Big Sexy and Little Sexy (Z Charles) on the shoot in lower Manhattan

Big Sexy gets into the New York groove

Courtnee Roze getting Sexy

Getting Sexy on the Rooftops of NYC

A Big Sexy rooftop scene with the Big Sexy Crew

Is this what you've been waiting for?

Fallen Angel Lyrics