A Sweet & Vicious Journey

2013 is going to be a great year for Big Sexy Music! Last night’s big sexy rehearsal at A’s Wave on Broome Street, was so sweet, so vicious and utterly delicious. In preparation for the premiere at Le Carrousel on January Thursday 17th at 206 Sullivan Street (a new fortnightly showcase of song, sensuality, vitality and celebration) the rehearsal was a colorful journey into distant sonic landscapes. Inspired by the simplicity of a stripped down set up, the music took on a quiet sentimentality and had an ethereal quality resembling a gentle caress for the soul. Poetic in its meandering, the beauty of this sound lies in a unique fusion of sounds which has the ability to transport you into a different realm – one full of rich imagery. Perhaps it was the inspired walls of A’s Wave, an underground cultural haven for artistic mavericks such as Jean–Michel Basquiat and Sonic Youth, which offered the spirit for this creative exchange? Maybe it was the meeting of cultures; Australia meets Trinidad via London under the New York skies? Whatever it was the music is sounding Big and Sexy and we can’t wait to share it with you.

A’s Space on Broome Street back in the day

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