Big Sexy Music @ the Premier of Le Carrousel

Start the year off right!

At the Premier of Le Carrousel

Thursday January 19th 2012

206 Lounge

206 Sullivan Street, New York

Photo by Niki Johnson

Friends, Seekers and Lovers! Your presence is cordially requested at an enchanted evening featuring the very finest local sirens and bards, deep in the heart of the West Village. Le Carrousel is a new fortnightly showcase of song, sensuality, vitality and celebration, in an intimate cocktail lounge setting. Our premiere shall feature original vocal stylings by the following beautiful creatures:

Katie Burke ⁂ Charles Mansfield ⁂ Ray Brown ⁂ GINA MOBILIO ⁂ EmZ’s BIG SEXY MUSIC

PLUS! Exclusive cocktail specials concocted exclusively for Le Carrousel by our own mixologist! Plush couches and delicious mezze! Art and artifice entwined in their eternal embrace!

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