2012 @ Funkadelic Studios

Peter Rubin and Emz at Funkadelic Studios. Photo by Tawania Pettus

2012 was most certainly a Big Sexy year! Time escaped me at the end of last year as I prepared to visit my homeland Australia and I didn’t get to write a post on the final show we rocked in 2012. Accompanied by the funky genius of guitar wielding virtuoso Peter Rubin, Big Sexy Music took the stage at the Funkadelic Studios Ladies Night in December 2012 with a stripped down intimate set performed straight from the heart. Singing a few new tunes and some old favorites it was a beautiful evening as we shared some sweet and vicious tunes amongst a packed room of fellow musicians and an attentive crowd. The night was full of talented ladies doing their thing and it was a pleasure and an honor to be part of such a wonderful evening. Big thanks to Funkadelic Studios for having us and showcasing up and coming artists.

Big Sexy Music rehearsal at Funkadelic Studios

EmZ and Peter Rubin rehearsal at Funkadelic Studios. Photo by Tawania Pettus

Peter Rubin. Photo by Tawania Pettus

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