Big Sexy Robot

On Sat September 16th I had the pleasure of playing Caffe Vivaldi with a new generation of Big Sexy musicians. My dear young friends Cole Kibel (on the keys) and Peter Rubin (on the guitar) along with Nick on drums came to join me on some sweet and vicious tunes on a perfect fall evening in the West Village, NYC. The lighting was perfect, the crowd was attentive and we got into a seriously sexy groove. Although we have never formally played together, Cole and Peter have their own rocking band called “I was a Robot” and I am very familiar with their music. Both these young lads are genius at their crafts and when I got invited to play Caffe Vivaldi and the beloved Sir Stephen could not accompany me, I asked the boys if they wanted to sit in. I couldn’t have wished for a more enjoyable and creatively inspired live jam! It was sheer joy to sing some Big Sexy songs with these guys!

Big Sexy Music at Caffe Vivialdi

Peter, EmZ, Nick. Cole

A Big Sexy Candid Moment


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