Big Sexy at NAMA

On Saturday September 8th 2012 I had the pleasure of performing some Big Sexy Music for the second time at NAMA – The New Amsterdam Musical Association located in Harlem, NYC. The evening was one of musical sharing organized by Zadrina and her partner Mark Stewart with a talented group of musicians and solo artists doing their thing! Despite the tornado warnings I ventured out to Harlem to join in this beautiful night full of passion and spirt. I got to try out four of my new songs that I wrote in a frenzy during the past week and it was great!

EmZ playing at NAMA

The New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceived in 1900 as a union for black musicians who were denied admission into the white only local union, the New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceptualized by James Reese Europe in 1904 and has had its share of ups and downs. A dedicated core of Volunteer Members are now working to revitalize NAMA, the first official representative of black musicians in the world, where syncopation fused with ragtime to create swing dance music and set the stage for the music that came to be known as “JAZZ.”

EmZ singing the blues


The New Amsterdam Musical Society


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