Big Sexy Music featuring James Chance

Friday 24th August was most certainly a momentous day for the Big Sexy Music history books! James Chance, one of my all time favorite musicians, recorded on two sweet and vicious tracks for the forthcoming album “EZ Does It” at JB Studios

EmZ snapping James Chance

EmZ snapping James Chance

James Chance playing on some Big Sexy Music

If you are not familiar with James Chance, he is a legend of the downtown New York ‘No Wave’ scene back when New York was really cool. James moved to New York in 1976 and has been rocking ever since. A musical savant, James informed me that he started out a piano player (age 7) and moved to the saxophone in his late teenage years. His signature punk, funk, sexy jazz riffs are too cool for school and I fell in love with his style the moment I heard the infectious tune ‘Sax Maniac’ while watching Downtown 81. So you can imagine my excitement when James ventured out to JBS Studio to play some extremely Big Sexy saxophone on some seriously sultry songs one of which was written by the one and only Sir Stephen! Talk about a collision of musical histories.

James. Sir Stephen, EmZ and James Chance

This certainly is an exciting time and the future is looking bright. Talking about bright on Sat 18thAugust the Big Sexy creative council congregated for a Big Sexy Music photo shoot with the fabulous photographer and cinematographer Tawania Pettus. All photo editing is a Sweet and Vicious Production.

Big Sexy Music

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