EZ Does It

Another week in the studio and we’re back working on Big Sexy Music at JBS Studios with the bass Wizard, Armand. Having worked with the Wizard for several years in my rock and roll musical outfit Crazy Mary it is a treat to have him add his funky fat bass antics to some Sweet and Vicious tunes. The wizard adds some serious bass bounce to these tracks! We are steadily working towards getting these songs finished and with two songs in the can we are chipping away at the balance now that we have a premier date set for Don’t Tell Mama’s in October.

EmZ will be playing Don't Tell Mama's in October 2012

Yes you heard correctly! EmZ Big Sexy Music is going to launch the forthcoming album “EZ Does It” at Don’t Tell Mama’s on two big nights in the fall of 2012 – Saturday October 13th and the following Sunday 23rd. Don’t Tell Mama’s is a famous cabaret piano bar established in 1982 and is world famous as a New York Entertainment landmark. Located on Restaurant Row in the heart of the Theatre District, performers who began their careers at Don’t Tell Mama’s have gone on to win Grammys, Tonys and Oscars and the venue has featured in numerous TV shows from “Friends” and the “Saturday Night Show”. So put the date in your calendar this is something you DON’T WANT TO MISS!!

A still from the upcoming "Blonde Hair" music video

With the pending date of the big show coming up fast we’ve been busy making some tremendously Big Sexy music videos that will be live very very soon. We have four or five videos in post production to accompany the new album and they are coming along nicely thanks to some amazing camera work from my creative council and Director of Photography Tawania Pettus and Francesca Christina.

Sir Stephen in the music video "Blonde Hair"

Sir Stephen in the music video "Blonde Hair"

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