Big Sexy fireworks in the studio!

Blonde Hair

You and your blonde hair,

You and your electric stare

Is it true? Now I fear

That I’m falling,

I’m falling down.

James, Sir Stephen and EmZ in the Studio

Yesterday July 4th 2012 we created our own Independence Day firework display in the JBS recording studio. EmZ Big Sexy Music is not only celebrating the birth of a nation but the evolution of musical history as we complete song number two off the forthcoming album “EZ DOES IT”. You’ll be falling into the blues called love with this sweet and vicious tune called ‘Blonde Hair’.

EmZ and Sir Stephen feeling the love

Have you ever met someone and your whole life was rocked to its very foundation? Have you ever happened across a pair of eyes that shimmered up your whole outlook on life and suddenly your writing moody songs about love and romance, pining away into your notebook on the train? In 2011 this happened to me. After a chance encounter with a bush ranger of the heart my soul became a wordsmith uttering musings that could only be captured in song. “Blonde Hair” is a romantic ballad, a yearning melody, a moody swooning hearts lament. I brought the song to Sir Stephen just after we began working together in January 2011 and it was an instant Big Sexy hit.

There’s something wonderful about coming back to a song that you have been working on for over a year and adding the final bells and whistles to make a super delicious, sweet and vicious tune. “Blonde Hair” is set to be a classic tune following in the historic footsteps of a classic romantic jazz ballad in the style of Julie London only Bigger and Sexier.

EmZ Big Sexy Music mixing 'Blonde Hair'


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