The sweeter the better

Adding Sweet and Vicious harmonies

Today we are in the studio again working on finishing up the final touches for our forthcoming album ‘EZ Does It’. It’s always the highlight of the week to get into the musical zone and spend time creating some sweet and vicious tunes. It’s going to be sweeter than sweet when we finish with these babies. Today we were working on two songs ‘Blonde Hair’ and ‘Down by the River’, both of which are very different songs but are equally as classic and are set to go down in musical history. Sir Stephen has been exercising his (unlimited) musical genius today adding the most sensitive melodies to the existing tracks that we recoded a few months ago. Its so amazing to hear how these songs have evolved over the last year. I wrote ‘Down By the River’ a few years ago and from its modest beginnings as a little sad song written on the ukulele it has transformed into a fully orchestrated heart breaker with cello, harp, piano and of course some Big Sexy vocals. This song will give you chills and we have some great footage ready to be edited for the music video, which should be out by early August. It’s so exciting. SO EXCITING!

‘Blonde Hair’ was written last year when I met a special someone (we refer to him as – he who shall not be named) and inspired a song in me immediately upon our meeting. ‘Blonde Hair’ is a contemporary torch song with a whole lot of soulful angst but is so beautiful and lulls you in a dream like trance. Today we added bass and harmonies and we are just waiting on our distant musical collaborator, the every delicious and supremely talented mama Kaz Silver, to add her soulful harmonies for the chorus and we are ready to mix. This is going to be FABULOUS! You just wait!




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