So Sweet and Vicious


EmZ and Sir Stephen getting Bigger and Sexier

Well last night Sir Stephen I took a leisurely hour or two to bang out some new sweet and vicious tunes. We worked further on tightening the sultry new blues song ‘Lipstick Kisses’ which is set to be a classic following a long lineage of moody jazz melodies. Imagine a darkly lit stage, a piano in the corner, a big sexy mama leaning demurely singing her late night love song to the one that got away. Oh this song is going to be big! And you just wait to you see the music video we have in store – the creative energies have aligned for this one. You will be hearing more soon! In the midst of the excitement we also managed to work on a composition for yet another song tentatively called ‘Midnight Blues’. This song was one of the first songs I ever wrote and recorded way back when but with Sir Stephens genius touch it has been transformed into another Big Sexy hit.

Although we are still working on finishing up our debut album ‘EZ DOES IT’, Stephen and I also took to scheming and planning for album number two. We have so many songs and so little time. Your ears won’t believe what they hear when this sweet and vicious hits the airwaves! Big Sexy music is set to change the musical landscape and it’s getting closer everyday……

Sir Stephen gets some Lipstick Kisses


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