Big Sexy Strikes again

Big Sexy Music took the stage on June 5th 2012 at Caffe Vivaldi to a room full of friends and fans, some old and some new. It was a pleasure to play some big sexy music with our usual crew, Sir Stephen on Keys, the Wizard on Bass and joining us for the first time on Cello, the fabulous Cello Mike. Mike has been recording with us for the upcoming album “EZ Does it” and his musical intuition adds a soulful mourning that tugs on the old heart strings! It was a beautiful night and we were in fine form. The best compliment of the evening came from a couple from Glasgow who happened upon the show when they told me “it was an unexpected delight to see your show”. A big thank-you to all who came out and contributed to the beautiful energy!! More live Big Sexy music to come!!

EMZ with a hunger for music

The last few weekends Sir Stephen and I have been working together on some new tunes. Yes we have fifteen or so tracks waiting to be sweetened and mixed down for the new alum EZ DOES IT!  When we are not in the studio new songs are practically writing themselves. We have two new Big Sexy songs that we are working on at the moment, both of which are very exciting. The first ‘Lipstick Kisses’ is a tune reminiscent of Frank Sinatra’s ‘One more for My Baby’ crossed with ‘Georgia On my Mind’ sung by Ray Charles. It doesn’t really sound like either song but it evokes this kind of wistful, bluesy moodiness. The other sweet and vicious tune we are in the midst of composing is called ‘Delicate Dance’. It’s a song about the delicate nature of love and how it is all just a glorious dance when you are dancing for love. I wrote the lyrics for this sultry song years ago, inspired by religious paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I can’t wait to share with you these new musical delights with you they are little gems waiting to shine!

Dreaming about some sweet and vicious tunes

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