Recording more tunes for your listening pleasure.

Today was a great day in the studio with Sir Stephen and EMZ. We got three songs in the can and boy are they sounding sweet (and vicious). It seems that all the hard work is paying off and soon enough we will be able to share with you our new tunes. Believe me once you get a taste you are going to get those sticky little songs stuck in your mind and you’ll be humming them around the house before you know it. We are very excited and we can’t wait till we get to perform them for you live.

On another positive note we received some great news today. EMZ will be performing as part of the New York  Singer Song Writer Sessions at the Bitter End, a prestigious honor and as soon as we know the dates we will be sure to let you know as well!! Till then we will be working on new songs, recording and getting bigger and sexier!

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