The old becomes NEW and SEXY

Oh Big Sexy Music sure is getting bigger and sexier by the minute! The time has come and under the hot New York summer sun, a new Big Sexy album is underway.  It’s an exciting process. Songs that were written years ago are being revamped with funky bass lines, electric guitar riffs and some sexy harmonies. We are imagining elaborate compositions with horns and whole lot of sexiness for this sweet and vicious sexy five-song EP. There is something very satisfying about breathing new life into songs that have stood the test of time, which have now morphed and find themselves with a new sexy identity. The first Big Sexy single that we are working on, called “In Your Garden”, was inspired while sitting in a friends beautifully lit garden in Australia back in 2007. I had been listening a lot to Al Koopers “New York City (You’re a Woman)” at the time and felt “In Your Garden” was a homage in an indirect way to Al Koopers alternative take of Bo Diddley’s “Dearest Darling”.

Rehearsing weekly at Funkadelic Studios in the heart of Manhattan the Big Sexy Crew has been amazing. Sometimes in the throws of rehearsal I look around and marvel at the eclectic but sexy crew that have come together from all over the world to make some Big Sexy Music in the heart of New York.  It’s exciting. It’s exhilaration personified. It’s history in the making. Come to Sidewalk Cafe on August 8th and check out what’s cooking. The Big Sexy Crew comprising of EMZ and Z Charles on voclas, Jonathan Hanley on Bass, Al Craig on guitar, Vlad Panov on keys and Mohammad Eugene on Drums = a seriously sweet and vicious sound.

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