Ode to the digital reproduction of sound and experience!

I’m sitting here listening to the recording that we did yesterday and I have to tell you people it’s sounding pretty sweet (and vicious). I really can’t wait to share our music with you when it’s pretty, packaged and in your hot little hands. I think your going to love love love it!  Its going to have a little bit of everything, ukulele, piano, lyrics that will tremble your little heart strings and a voice that could very well haunt your soul.

Last night we did a little set at the Rum Room. It was noisy and boisterous in there but the patrons at the bar couldn’t help but take notice of the hot little duo banging it out on the keys and the vocals. We laughed, we cried, we enticed emotional intrigue in a bar full of liquored individuals and most importantly we did it well and we looked even better doing it!! We would love to see you at our next performance and will be keeping you updated. Watch this space! More to come.

 Captured as if in a painting. Captured in a dream. There’s nothing better than wishing, sharing, singing to strangers a private little scene (0f the heart).

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