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November 16th 2014, EMZ Big Sexy Music took to the WNYC Greenspace to audition for the battle of the Boroughs showcase in 2015. It was a cold day but once Big Sexy Music took the stage it was HOT HOT HOT. The results for the competition are released in January, 2015 and we are hoping that Big Sexy Music will have the opportunity to grace the stage again to compete! Watch this space.

Raven on Sax, Al Craig on Guitar and Eugene Mohammad on Drums

EmZ on stage at the WNYC Greenspace

Big Sexy Music on stage at the WNYC Greenspace

Thursday November 6th, EmZ Big Sexy Music shook the Parkside Lounge with a powerhouse of sexy for the Apfel/Krebs presents: The Rebel Factory single release party for the new song “Trigger Me”.

Performing for an inquisitively intrigued international audience, it was all lights, camera and action. Celebrating with our fellow musicians and NYC modern day rat pack, the crew was as sexy as it comes with amazing sets by Boxtopus, The Rebel Factory and Snake Monster.

It was a packed house and Big Sexy Music did not disappoint. With wailing saxophone and an all round cool vibe, the band shook the house to the floor and left them wanting more. Think old jazz clubs, smokey rooms and alley ways, evocative of ye-old time of yesteryear, a memory of another era, a dream, lights on the screen…add a little strip tease and… oh boy we’re getting bigger and sexier by the minute.

Photo by Adam Brown

Photo by Adam Brown


On October 25th EmZ Big Sexy Music took Harlem by storm at the New Amsterdam Music Association (NAMA)! The annual Halloween party was LIVE and all the ghosts in the building joined in, elevating the mood and getting the crowd into the holy spirit mode. The whole evening was packed with great music, good friends and some seriously sexy vibes.  Big Sexy Music kicked off the evening with a energetic set followed by amazing bands such as The Syndicate, The Signifyers, Caprice Starbrite and Kid Lucky. We love Harlem!