Monthly Archives: July 2014

It was a hot night in Harlem on Sat July 5th as Big Sexy Music graced the stage at the New Amsterdam Music Association. With some new moves and some new grooves Big Sexy Music delivered the perfect mix of smooth blues meets pop rock, with a jazz vibe that only Harlem can keep alive. It’s what you call authentic. It’s a particular energy in the room that can only be described as electric.  We played some virginal sweet and vicious tunes that we are working on for the upcoming Big Sexy album “In your Garden” and its getting Bigger and Sexier by the minute.

The whole night was a family affair including amazing performances by The Syndicate, The Signifyers and Caprice Starbrite & Kizmit who blew the roof off the house. It it sure was rocking and Big Sexy closed the night off with some classics and a whole lot of sexy!

Big Sexy Music is on a whole new adventure. It’s a big sexy world out there and it’s sounding good. If you listen closely enough the beat just rises from the street and it’s a sweet and vicious treat.

EmZ Big Sexy Music