Monthly Archives: September 2013

On Saturday 21st 2013 the Big Sexy Music video “Memories” premiered at the Williamsburg Film Festival otherwise known as the Willifest in Brooklyn, New York City. Edited and produced by EmZ herself, “Memories” is composed of over 1,500 photographs animated together to form a playful and cheeky music video (see below).

EmZ at the Williamsburg Film Festival

The Wandering Cellist, Kid Lucky and EmZ

We got funking Sexy at Funkadelic Studios in the hay day of the old performance space in the studio, before the big move to 211W 40th Street. Big Sexy Music graced the stage August 18th 2013 for a sweet and vicious stripped down lady night set,  joined by The Wandering Cellist, beatboxer / beatrhymer KidLucky and “little sexy” Z Charles.  And you know whenever there are Big Sexy musicians in the house something SEXY is going to happen! The best thing about performing (and rehearsing) at Funkadelic Studios is meeting so many talent individuals all under one roof . It’s just like being with family – but a seriously kick ass rock and roll family. And we always feel completely free get our sexy on!

EmZ, Z Charles and The Wandering Cellist

Big Sexy Music with Z Charles and The Wandering Cellist