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Barnard College

I took a Big Sexy Music outing on Friday November 30th to support member of the Big Sexy Orchestra James Chance and his band the Contortions at Barnard College Radio WBAR’s Gothic Cruise where they played a kick ass punk set.

Accompanied by Big Sexy’s sexy sax player, Dave Spinley, James Chance and the Contortions kicked it old school with some serious fervor and a distinct punk attitude, meaning they rocked the hell out.

Framed by a creepy vampire movie played at half speed, James Chance certainly blew the roof of the room with enough energy to wake the dead. It took me back to a New York time that I never knew but wanted to be apart of. A time where the raw potential of artistic expression seemed enough to transform the world.

The music of James Chance still embodies that potential and it’s a feeling that starts in the feet and works its way up through the body until you find yourself dancing like no-one’s watching. And if they were watching  you would still be dancing like you just don’t care. The unbridled enthusiasm of the music, the self confidence of this unapologetic punk funk pulsating from the stage was enough to transport the audience into another dimension of cool. Big Sexy Music indeed!!

The creepy vampire movie really set the stage

James Chance