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EmZ at the New Amsterdam Music Association with the Big Sexy Orchestra

EmZ, Sir Stephen and the Big Sexy Orchestra rocked the New Amsterdam Musical Association’s stage last night getting down with the holy spirit Harlem style! BF Productions presented a rocking “Get Down” Halloween event including some real musical delights like the swinging jazz group “The Signifyers” and host of the evening “Blue Skyyzz” who sounded funkier and more powerful than ever! Some seriously good music!

Feeling the tropical storm approaching the East Coast, Big Sexy Music wanted to test – how low could the  barometer really go? Turns out Big Sexy can drop the barometer pretty low. The NEW Hip Hot JAZZ is only getting Bigger and Sexier with new member Peter Rubin, a bad ass guitar playing young man and of course our funky mama Courtnee RoZe on percussion always holding it down with the true funky sound! And Sir Stephen, the musical heartbeat of Big Sexy music, oversaw the whole Big Sexy thing!

When I asked 17 year old Peter Rubin to explain the evening to me, he stated “we had a blast”. We sure did! Everything fell into place.  The vibe was perfect, the evening delicious with a full moon behind a haze of cloud. The music was great, the people were generous and we had a mighty fine time doing our thing! Big Sexy got down as we always do – sexy style, sweet and vicious like a tropical jazz storm licking the vast oceans and beaches of the soul.

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra

Big Sexy Music

EmZ with the Big Sexy Orchestra

Courtnee RoZe and Peter Rubin playing some Big Sexy Music

Sir Stephen is the musical heartbeat of Big Sexy Music

EmZ at the New Amsterdam Music Association


EmZ singing her Sweet and Vicious tunes

It seems dreams do come true! Last night in the heart of Broadway, New York City at Don’t Tell Mama an explosive Big Sexy night captured the imaginations of an enthralled audience as EmZ, Sir Stephen and the Big Sexy Orchestra brought the heat to a boiling point with some Big Sexy Music . Everyone in the Big Sexy audience could feel the magic, the beauty, the love emanating from all the talented musicians involved.  The music was divine and some seriously sweet and vicious tunes exploded forth. Tender, heartfelt, electrically charged this HIP HOT Jazz is sound never heard before! Yes it seems a new sound is born and anyone who was lucky enough to witness the fire can say “I remember when I saw EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra at Don’t Tell Mama before she became famous…..” We are on our way baby!

EmZ and Sir Stephen

Talk about creating some Big Sexy Memories! Sometimes when you put a wish out into the world and with a little hard work, a lot of focus and a clear vision things manifest in a way that you could never imagine. Last night was the pinnacle of cool. From sharing the stage with the man that has brought my music to fruition beyond my wildest comprehension, the ever regal and supremely talented Sir Stephen, to the sexy saxophone playing of James Chance the sax maniac, this was a night for the history books.  Dave Spinley, the other half of the horn section, was sexy and sensational and  singing with my sexy sirens, my little sister Hannah Rubie Kibel and the sexy scatting sensation Marya Lawrence Hart was a supreme pleasure. Miss Courntee Roze who recently turned it out with Alicia Keys, kept it hot with her congas and was so sexy with her persuasive percussion. Always wearing his heart on his sleeve, the wandering cellist, Michael Lunapiena, summoned the muses with his sensual and evocative cello lines. This night was super SEXY!! And you aint seen nothing yet. We are only getting bigger and sexier!

Michael Lunapiena, EmZ, Courntee Roze on Percussion and The Sexy Sirens

Dave Spinley, James Chance and EZ

EmZ and James Chance

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra

Getting Big and Sexy with some Big Sexy Music


The biggest sexiest orchestra a girl could dream of!


Getting Big and Sexy at Don't Tell Mama

Last night the show at Don’t Tell Mama was magical. Yes a BIG SEXY audience got to witness some BIG SEXY MUSIC and oh what a night it was. The weather was crisp, the house was full, the music was delicious and Big Sexy delivered. With the biggest sexiest orchestra possible, we serenaded the lovingly attentive crowd with some sweet and vicious tunes taking them on a beautiful journey through tales of longing and hope.  After nine months of planning and collaboration, it was a proud moment for Sir Stephen and I to be able to share our joyful musical union with the world. We made them laugh, we made them cry and everyone in the Big Sexy,  Don’t Tell Mama room shared a smile amongst friends, old and new.

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra

Aside from raising the roof and turning up the heat, histories collided at Don’t Tell Mama last night! The celebrated and ever regal lineage of Sir Stephens varied musical genealogies (Stephen was Mel Torme‘s protege and opened for the Beatles among other amazing adventures), collided in the biggest sexiest way possible with the musical pedigree of legendary James Chance (a key figure in the New York ‘No Wave’ scene and a spell binging improvisational jazz/ punk musician) . Talk about making Big Sexy Music history! This was a night for the books!

EmZ and James Chance

EmZ and James Chance

Getting Big and Sexy with James Chance

Generations crossed with the youngest member on the stage, the up and coming singing sensation “Sweet and Sexy” Hannah Rubie on back up vocals along with the delicious Kaz Silver who flew all the way from Florida to share the stage with us. The sexy sirens lulled us into a state of pure sexiness.  Completing the sexy  horn section and accompanying, James Chance on saxophone, the super cool cat Dave Spinley wailed out some hot licks. Michael Lunapiena, other wise known as Cello Mike or the wandering cellist, tugged on the heart strings with his amazingly heartfelt playing, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place after his magnificent performance. It was a blast. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the evening so Big and So SEXY!!!

Cello Mike, Kaz Silver and Miss Hannah Rubie

EmZ, Cello Mike and the Sexy Sirens

Dave Spinley and EmZ

EmZ and Sir Stephen

Sir Stephen and EmZ

EmZ shares a moment






It’s getting closer! Big Sexy Music is going to be debuting at the legendary Don’t Tell Mama in the heart of Broadway in New York City, for two HOT nights – Saturday 13th and Sunday 21st, October 2012. It’s going to be so sweet and vicious so don’t miss out! Book your tickets NOW! In years to come, you’ll be bragging “I saw her way back when…..”

Big Sexy Music Presents...

EmZ and the Big Sexy Orchestra 

Saturday Oct 13th / Sunday Oct 21st



343 West 46th Street  New York, NY 10036
(212) 757-0788