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Last night, Saturday September 22nd, once again I had the pleasure of singing some Big Sexy Music to a packed house at the New Amsterdam Musical Association. Located on 130th street in Harlem, this historic building certainly holds the vibrational energy of many generations of fine musicianship – it simply permeates through the walls. The event, dubbed the “Fall Classic”, was part of an ongoing series of musical evenings hosted by BF Productions and what a beautiful event it is!

EmZ & Sir Stephen at NAMA

EmZ & Sir Stephen at NAMA

EmZ getting down

EmZ getting down

With a stellar line up of music and people getting down and doing their thing including bands The Signifyers,  Deep Intent and Blue Skyyzz not to mention a host of other talented individuals, it was an honor to share some sweet and Vicious tunes with a very generous and welcoming crowd. It was hot up in Harlem and the entire evening felt like an underground speakeasy from the days of old. Big Sexy rocked the stage and had everybody singing along – it seemed that the holy ghost was close! The best part about the evening was the crowd participation on songs like the newly released “Memories” which you can hear on the link below:

Big Sexy

Rocking it with the Uke

Sweet and Vicious

On Sat September 16th I had the pleasure of playing Caffe Vivaldi with a new generation of Big Sexy musicians. My dear young friends Cole Kibel (on the keys) and Peter Rubin (on the guitar) along with Nick on drums came to join me on some sweet and vicious tunes on a perfect fall evening in the West Village, NYC. The lighting was perfect, the crowd was attentive and we got into a seriously sexy groove. Although we have never formally played together, Cole and Peter have their own rocking band called “I was a Robot” and I am very familiar with their music. Both these young lads are genius at their crafts and when I got invited to play Caffe Vivaldi and the beloved Sir Stephen could not accompany me, I asked the boys if they wanted to sit in. I couldn’t have wished for a more enjoyable and creatively inspired live jam! It was sheer joy to sing some Big Sexy songs with these guys!

Big Sexy Music at Caffe Vivialdi

Peter, EmZ, Nick. Cole

A Big Sexy Candid Moment


On Saturday September 8th 2012 I had the pleasure of performing some Big Sexy Music for the second time at NAMA – The New Amsterdam Musical Association located in Harlem, NYC. The evening was one of musical sharing organized by Zadrina and her partner Mark Stewart with a talented group of musicians and solo artists doing their thing! Despite the tornado warnings I ventured out to Harlem to join in this beautiful night full of passion and spirt. I got to try out four of my new songs that I wrote in a frenzy during the past week and it was great!

EmZ playing at NAMA

The New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceived in 1900 as a union for black musicians who were denied admission into the white only local union, the New Amsterdam Musical Association was conceptualized by James Reese Europe in 1904 and has had its share of ups and downs. A dedicated core of Volunteer Members are now working to revitalize NAMA, the first official representative of black musicians in the world, where syncopation fused with ragtime to create swing dance music and set the stage for the music that came to be known as “JAZZ.”

EmZ singing the blues


The New Amsterdam Musical Society