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Big Sexy Music has had some sexy weeks of music making this summer! Yes autumn is coming fast but EmZ and Sir Stephen along with the Big Sexy Crew will have the mercury rising all the way through to the fall with EmZ’s debut at the legendary “Don’t Tell Mama”. Be sure to keep Saturday 13th and Sunday the 21st of October free for two big nights of sweet and vicious music. It’s going to have the whole town talking!

Big Sexy Music

We’ve been rehearsing and recording all week with some amazing musicians including sexy mama Courtnee Roze who came out to JBS Studio to bang it out on three EmZ tunes with her conga. Ms Hannah Rubie also got behind the mic and recorded some harmonies with her jazz child voice. And to top if off we had the big sexy pleasure of working with stand up bassist Michael Goetz who slaps EmZ’s music right into its sweet and vicious place!! It’s exciting times indeed.

Courtnee Roze on the congas

Courtnee Roze on the congas

Miss Hannah Rubie

EmZ, Sir Stephen and Michael

This week was also momentously exciting as  Big Sexy Music premiered its newest music video “Down by the River”. Yes, In the cold depths of winter we ventured along the mighty Hudson river to shoot footage for “Down By the River”, a song I had written years before while living in the heart of Manhattan and finally it’s edited and on-line for all the world to see.

Down by the River is my ode to the Righteous Brother’s Unchained Melody which is an epic thundering heart breaker that always resonated emotionally with me, even as a child.  I somehow related this deeply moving song with my mother and I the sentiment of ‘rivers flowing back to the sea’ somehow soothed and reassured me that no matter what we are all destined to return. Written initially on my ukulele, Down by the River was further transformed by the musical genius of Sir Stephen through his minimal yet hauntingly emotive compositions. Stephen’s magic touches really compliment and accentuate the emotional overtone of the song pushing it into a whole new category.  Sir Stephen also composed the cello lines which is played beautifully by Cello Mike otherwise known as The Wandering Cellist. Cello Mike brings a truly poignant and moving aspect to the song, taunting the heart with a subtle sad nostalgia.

Making the video was a great experience despite the freezing conditions blowing along the Hudson River during filming. The Big Sexy crew always keeps it 100 and this shoot was no exception. Our Big Sexy cinematographer Tawania Pettus captured the moody landscape for this video with her visionary eye and even sacrificed the feeling in her fingers (it was VERY cold) for the perfect shot. Assisted by the fabulous Francesca Christina (who is a talented cinematographer in her own right) it was a creative and collaborative endeavor that has resulted in a timeless Big Sexy Music video for the ages. And of course I cannot forget to thank Miss Moria who did a wonderful job at playing a younger EmZ in her first music video debut. All in all we had a great time and of course ‘Down by the River’ is a Sweet and Vicious Production, edited by miss EmZ herself!

Tawania and EmZ

Miss Francesca

Tawania Pettus the visual mastermind


Friday 24th August was most certainly a momentous day for the Big Sexy Music history books! James Chance, one of my all time favorite musicians, recorded on two sweet and vicious tracks for the forthcoming album “EZ Does It” at JB Studios

EmZ snapping James Chance

EmZ snapping James Chance

James Chance playing on some Big Sexy Music

If you are not familiar with James Chance, he is a legend of the downtown New York ‘No Wave’ scene back when New York was really cool. James moved to New York in 1976 and has been rocking ever since. A musical savant, James informed me that he started out a piano player (age 7) and moved to the saxophone in his late teenage years. His signature punk, funk, sexy jazz riffs are too cool for school and I fell in love with his style the moment I heard the infectious tune ‘Sax Maniac’ while watching Downtown 81. So you can imagine my excitement when James ventured out to JBS Studio to play some extremely Big Sexy saxophone on some seriously sultry songs one of which was written by the one and only Sir Stephen! Talk about a collision of musical histories.

James. Sir Stephen, EmZ and James Chance

This certainly is an exciting time and the future is looking bright. Talking about bright on Sat 18thAugust the Big Sexy creative council congregated for a Big Sexy Music photo shoot with the fabulous photographer and cinematographer Tawania Pettus. All photo editing is a Sweet and Vicious Production.

Big Sexy Music