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We are steadily making progress in finishing the tracks for Big Sexy Music for the forthcoming album “EZ Does It” and this week received some tremendous news! The legendary saxophone player James Chance (also known as James White), one of my all time musicians is going to be playing some sweet and vicious, ever so sexy sax on a song or two for the new album! We couldn’t be more thrilled. I discovered James Chance when watching downtown upon my arrival in New York City in 2003 and have been an avid fan ever since. Fate has a a way of intervening in New York – the big city of dreams and if you wish hard enough your dreams may even come true. To be immortalized in digital with this musical genius is going to put a smile on the old dial for years to come! What a treat…..

The Legendary James Chance

Another week in the studio and we’re back working on Big Sexy Music at JBS Studios with the bass Wizard, Armand. Having worked with the Wizard for several years in my rock and roll musical outfit Crazy Mary it is a treat to have him add his funky fat bass antics to some Sweet and Vicious tunes. The wizard adds some serious bass bounce to these tracks! We are steadily working towards getting these songs finished and with two songs in the can we are chipping away at the balance now that we have a premier date set for Don’t Tell Mama’s in October.

EmZ will be playing Don't Tell Mama's in October 2012

Yes you heard correctly! EmZ Big Sexy Music is going to launch the forthcoming album “EZ Does It” at Don’t Tell Mama’s on two big nights in the fall of 2012 – Saturday October 13th and the following Sunday 23rd. Don’t Tell Mama’s is a famous cabaret piano bar established in 1982 and is world famous as a New York Entertainment landmark. Located on Restaurant Row in the heart of the Theatre District, performers who began their careers at Don’t Tell Mama’s have gone on to win Grammys, Tonys and Oscars and the venue has featured in numerous TV shows from “Friends” and the “Saturday Night Show”. So put the date in your calendar this is something you DON’T WANT TO MISS!!

A still from the upcoming "Blonde Hair" music video

With the pending date of the big show coming up fast we’ve been busy making some tremendously Big Sexy music videos that will be live very very soon. We have four or five videos in post production to accompany the new album and they are coming along nicely thanks to some amazing camera work from my creative council and Director of Photography Tawania Pettus and Francesca Christina.

Sir Stephen in the music video "Blonde Hair"

Sir Stephen in the music video "Blonde Hair"

July 9th 2012

Miss EmZ Blogging away

Yes we are back in the studio again for our weekly sweet and vicious music sessions!

After spending a quiet Sunday with Sir Stephen working on three new songs for album number two (yes we are already onto the second record) we woke up early (way too early for this diva) to journey to the studio to finish mixing ‘Blonde Hair’, song number two off the EmZ debut album ‘EZ DOES IT’. We are very excited.

The journey of ‘Blonde Hair’ (and all of the EmZ Big Sexy Music songs) has been a magical evolution and a unique collaboration that has seen numerous amazing musicians contribute their talents to the mix. Today we couldn’t wait to add the utterly delicious harmony tracks that were sent to us via Florida by soul sister Kaz Silver. Now for you who aren’t in the know Kaz Silver is a red-hot mama with the voice of a sultry angel. Her luscious voice caresses both the ear and the soul transporting the listener into an airy weightless dream. Kaz is a fabulous solo singer in her own right and has been a good friend of mine for years and I am blessed to have her beautiful, talented self featured on some Big Sexy songs.

A big part of the sound of the forthcoming album “EZ DOES IT’ has to be attributed to the engineering prowess and the fanatically precise ear of James Schoen of JBS Recording. All the behind the scene magic happens with James who ensures that Big Sexy Music is as Big and Sexy as possible and that happens with a clear, clean recording, a good mix and an overall vision of greatness. James provides all three. We are lucky to have found James and are so excited that he is on this journey with us to bring these sweet and vicious tunes into existence for the entire world to hear.

Sir Stephen and EmZ at JBS Studio

Blonde Hair

You and your blonde hair,

You and your electric stare

Is it true? Now I fear

That I’m falling,

I’m falling down.

James, Sir Stephen and EmZ in the Studio

Yesterday July 4th 2012 we created our own Independence Day firework display in the JBS recording studio. EmZ Big Sexy Music is not only celebrating the birth of a nation but the evolution of musical history as we complete song number two off the forthcoming album “EZ DOES IT”. You’ll be falling into the blues called love with this sweet and vicious tune called ‘Blonde Hair’.

EmZ and Sir Stephen feeling the love

Have you ever met someone and your whole life was rocked to its very foundation? Have you ever happened across a pair of eyes that shimmered up your whole outlook on life and suddenly your writing moody songs about love and romance, pining away into your notebook on the train? In 2011 this happened to me. After a chance encounter with a bush ranger of the heart my soul became a wordsmith uttering musings that could only be captured in song. “Blonde Hair” is a romantic ballad, a yearning melody, a moody swooning hearts lament. I brought the song to Sir Stephen just after we began working together in January 2011 and it was an instant Big Sexy hit.

There’s something wonderful about coming back to a song that you have been working on for over a year and adding the final bells and whistles to make a super delicious, sweet and vicious tune. “Blonde Hair” is set to be a classic tune following in the historic footsteps of a classic romantic jazz ballad in the style of Julie London only Bigger and Sexier.

EmZ Big Sexy Music mixing 'Blonde Hair'