Monthly Archives: May 2012

We went into the studio on Tuesday May 22nd to add musical sweetness to some already big sexy tunes and our wonderful engineer (and collaborator) James happened to have a drummer lying around! So we offered Tony an opportunity to bang it out and in the end we were all surprised and delighted with the outcome.  It’s so sweet and vicious and utterly delicious and reminiscent of dad’s Blood Seat and Tears, Spinning Wheel but not really.

Sir Stephen, EMZ and Tony

Tony (is a legend)

Emz, Sir Stephen and James

Other things are happening too. Sexy Sax has found its way onto three big sexy tracks thanks to Mr. Dave Spinley who utterly turned these songs out!  The week of May 11th, while I was in Toronto ensuring my immigration status remained copacetic, I entrusted Sir Stephen to usher the ever so fabulous Mr. Spinley into the studio to ‘do his thang’. When I downloaded the tracks from the session later that afternoon (in the comfort of my Canadian hotel room) I couldn’t believe my ears. It sounded so good. These songs sound so good! Were these my songs? There is so much life is in these songs! So much emotion! And they are true collaborations, each song has taken on it’s own unique formation. They keep breathing and expanding and you’ll be hearing them soon.

Sir Stephen and The Fabulous Dave Spinley

Sir Stephen and James basking in the digital glow

Sir Stephen and James basking in the digital glow


So we had a great big sexy show at Caffe Vivaldi on Tuesday 24th April. It was so much fun to play to a beautiful crowd of lovely people. The room was full, the crowd was generous and we had a great time indeed. Sir Stephen was on keys, Armand “The Wizard” on bass, Dave Spinley on the sexiest of Saxophones and the ever beautiful Hannah Rubie on back up vocals.