Monthly Archives: April 2012

Thursday 12th April was an exciting day for EMZ big sexy music. After a year of working on these songs the marvelous Sir Stephen has begun writing out musical arrangements for overdubs for the tracks we’ve laid down.

Yesterday saw the first addition of an emotionally charged cello part written by Stephen and performed the by ever so talented Mike Lunapiena, otherwise known as cello mike. The addition of cello added a heartfelt undertone to two songs enriching an already sweet and vicious tune. The cello definitely adds a compelling dimension to the songs.

Soon we will be adding bass with the infamous ‘Wizard’ and some sexy sax when David Spinley lets loose on some big sexy tunes. I can’t wait to share this music with you. Come and get a taste at our gig at Caffe Vivaldi on Tuesday April 24th.

Caffe Vivaldi

Tuesday April 24. 8pm

32 Jones Street  New York, NY 10014